i have known her thru lifetimes.
we lived near each other in a funky
little town, but never met.

then we both moved from that same town to this same town.

which, you gotta admit – is pretty darn cool.

i walked into her house as she was moving in.
a mutual friend brought me there.
it was the worst timing in the world.
realizing this at once,
i got us all out of there after a quick hello.

apparently we were supposed to be friends tho.
because we kept bumping into each other after that.

i never bump into people.
except for lynn.

and in one of those first bumps
the book ‘women who run with the wolves’ came up.
it had caught both of our souls.
and we knew it when we saw it in each other.
it was in that moment we knew we’d be friends.

that was a million years ago.
we have shared birth, death, divorce, love,
fears, dreams, leaned in and leaned on
and shared many, many cups of tea.

i have credited her for saving my life.
she was my rock when my entire world crumbled.

as i look back over the years,
her heart just shines so bright.
she is generous, oh so generous.
kind and thoughtful, considerate and caring.
beautiful, warm, loving, soft, gentle, strong,
tough when she needs to be,
healing, and ohhhh so talented.

she’s one of my all time favorite musicians!
for real.
how cool is that?
when i sit and listen to her, i cry.
at her concerts, i tell her that i feel like i just
went to therapy and had healing work done.

i wanted to share her today on her birthday.
if you don’t know her music,
you totally want to check her out.
consider purchasing her cd’s or downloads.
truly, they are lynn.
and you won’t be disappointed.
you will be beyond lucky to have her singing in your home.

you can find her website here.
i think that leads you to everything you need.

lynn, i celebrate you today.
your presence has made the world so much better
for so many of us!

happy birthday, girl!