knock it apart!

i gotta say,
i really do love being around this guy energy that i’m around.
well, mostly.

i find myself saying things like –
‘go crush it!’
or smiling when a car roars by showing off.
things i really wouldn’t do without these guys of mine influencing my life.

so i noticed something this weekend.
that i don’t think i would have noticed before.

it was at a farm.
on one of their outbuildings that holds tractors and stuff.
the walls were cinder block walls.
and at the entrance, they had knocked out a few of the pieces of blocks at a certain spot. to me, it looked like they wanted to have room for something to go thru there. like maybe one of the things they pull with the tractors had a long sideways boom kinda thing they’d need to pull in and out.

now, of course, i don’t know.
but that’s what i’m goin’ with.
cause i sat there and looked at it and loved it.
and thought – yeah! if something’s blocking the way, knock it apart!

knock it apart!

and i got to thinking about obstacles in life.
and i smiled.
seems a pretty good strategy –

today is a gorgeous day here. honestly, couldn’t be any prettier.
it’s cool, breezy, the sky is to die for.
i finally got caught up on my sleep.
and i’m just grabbin’ the day.
problems get in my way today?
well, by golly i’m gonna do what i am now calling ‘the cinder block method’
and knock ’em apart!

ha! yes!
it’s that kinda day today!