just a reminder…

yesterday was a challenging day for me.
i went,
along with my sons,
to pick up art from two different galleries
that i have been with for years –
since the early days of bone sighs.

one is closing due to covid,
the other is morphing into something different.
covid is mixed into its morphing, but there’s a lot
of other things mixed into it as well.

it was challenging to me for different reasons.
none that feel helpful to type about here.
but, what DOES feel helpful to type about is this –

several different times thru the day,
i bumped into some real progress that had taken
place inside me over the years.

some real gold nuggets.
and while i could talk about them a bit,
they don’t seem to be the point either.

the point seems to be –
inner work pays off!
there are so many times i think it doesn’t.
there are so many discouraging moments when i just
feel like i’m getting nowhere.

know the feeling?

and then –
there’s moments, like those that happened yesterday,
where i bump into my growth and get so darn tickled about it!
where i know the hard work has made a difference.

too too too many times i forget that.
and figured i wasn’t the only one.
so thought i’d toss a reminder out here –
it IS possible to grow and make progress!
it really is!
and we ARE doing that!
even when it doesn’t feel like it.

so, keep at it.
you’re making a better you.
you got this.