just a random thought…

a friend shared an article yesterday
and asked for thoughts.

i went to read it,
and while i basically agreed with most everything
the author said – i really hated it.

it felt edgy to me.
like angry or resentful.
it felt like a reaction to things the author had read
and disagreed with.
(which just so happen to be things i also disagree with.
which seems like an interesting point.)

so as i was typing the note to my friend,
trying to explain what i felt, i found myself typing
and wondering –

‘does reacting always feel edgy?’

i loved that question.

i know somewhere along the line this past year,
my son had a great conversation with me about
living in your own feelings about something,
as opposed to living in constant reaction to things.
that there’s a difference.
and boy oh boy do i think there is.

not sure i’m making sense?
but hope that i am.

anyway, this article kinda brought all that up again for me.
and i wanted to bring it here.

especially now.
with the whole divisive climate stuff.

the more we can be aware of choosing to live intentionally
and not reactionary, it seems to me, the better.

i’ll be thinking about this today.
i sure can see right away some places i’ve just been reacting.
and i think i needed the reminder.

so thought i’d offer it here for anyone else who might also need it.

here’s to adding a little more intention in our worlds!