it’s not windy out.

i love it when people impress me with
their attitudes. that just makes me happy.

i took a walk early this morning.
and it was cold!
for around here, anyway.
it was a whopping 17 degrees at that time of day,
and the ‘real feel’ said it was FIVE!

i moved fast, baby!
wanted to warm up.

there’s an older couple that live around the block from me
that walk around the same time of morning. we see each
other a lot and have become friendly.

when i walked by their house this morning, i thought
for sure they would stay in because of the cold.
but sure enough, i bumped into them.

i told them i was surprised to see them.
thought it’d be too cold.
and the woman didn’t even think about it,
she just looked at me and said so sincerely –
‘well, it’s not windy out.’

i absolutely loved it when she said that.
it was just like ‘yeah, it’s cold. but it
could be worse.’

and i had a feeling she’d be like that with
any temperature.

she just totally didn’t see a problem.

her husband piped up ‘we’re tough.’
and i nodded and laughed.
thing is?
they are.
they really are.

they’ve been thru a whole lot.
and my gosh, what an attitude they’ve got.

i was way impressed this morning.
and as i walked around the corner back towards
my house, i thought ‘yeah, it’s not windy out.’
and smiled.