it’s an inner child thang…

i kinda knew…
but i didn’t really know…
i had a feeling…
but put different words on it…
and then i realized!

it’s an inner child thang!

okay, seriously, if you don’t think you have
an inner child inside you, i respect that.
maybe you honestly don’t.
we don’t all have to work the same.
BUT don’t just discount it until you look to see, okay?

cause years ago, i had NO IDEA i had one.
and now i can’t understand how i didn’t know!

and lately, mine’s been hiding.
and i totally felt it.
know exactly how it happened.
but wasn’t really tying the feelings inside after that to her hiding.

i was thinking things like ‘you’re too much in your head.
you gotta get outta your head right now.’

that sounds fine.
but it felt like something was missing from that thought process.

SHE was missing!
she IS missing.

and now that i just say that out loud,
i’m okay.
cause i understand why,
and i know how to make room for her to come around again.

maybe everyone doesn’t work this way.
but i swear, i can’t be the only one who does.
and it’s such a strong part of my life.

it’s the part that plays and laughs and twinkles.

if you haven’t seen that part of you in a long time,
maybe that part’s hiding.
and maybe you need to make some space for that part of you
to feel safe and come back and light your eyes up again.

i have an inner child “e-course” that i offer –
if this is all sounding new but maybe possible,
definitely check it out.

as for me, i need to go have a little tea party with myself.
i’ve been missing little terri.