in case you missed it

it’s a beach day for me today!

it’s not often i take the day off!
and when i do….i relish it!

figure this was a good time to shout out about
our bone sigh arts prime day!
yep! if you didn’t hear it yesterday,
we have a 40% off sale on four of our matted prints!
just to join in on the prime fun!
today is the second and last day.

noah redid the home page all pretty for this.
so you really should check it out!
and there’s news to share as well.
and that can be found in our newsletter that went
out yesterday. so if you didn’t see that,
you can find that here!

picture me out talking to the waves right now.
and keepin’ my eyes out for the dolphins.
for some reason, when i see them,
my whole insides just leap right along with them.
i have to wonder if i was a dolphin in my past life!

pass the suntan lotion!
and shake the sand outta the towel.
we got relaxing to do today!