i’m a fan

i’m a jordan peterson fan.
i really love the personal responsibility
ideas that he offers.

he’s gotten a bum rap with the media.
so if you’ve heard bad things about him,
it might be a good time to both check him out yourself,
and maybe rethink how much trust you want to put into the media.

he’s quoted and referred to in my family.
and this morning when my husband mentioned the whole
‘clean your room’ thing that jordan talks a lot about,
i got inspired to go listen to just a few minutes of the man.

i ended up writing some stuff down.
was going to type it out here.
but i think i’ll just link this four minute vid for you.
that way, if you don’t know him, you can see who i’m talkin’ about.

this might be a strange introduction, i’m not even sure.
i’m used to him. i love his intensity.

some of the lines in here are pure gold.
click here if you’re interested.