i like gentle

i was filling an order today,
and i saw it was a grief order.
so i made a point of being extra
gentle and thoughtful as i packed it.

and as i did so,
i heard myself say ‘THIS! this right here!
this is what i want to do!’

with bone sighs –
i just want to offer some gentle to the world.

and yeah,
that’s not really news, is it?
i mean, i always have.

but i’ve been thinking a lot lately about
what it is i want to do.
and my gosh, as i did that, my whole being
reacted and made sure i noticed!

so, yeah,
i’m gonna be extra mindful of that right now.
‘specially now, huh?
the world could use a little gentle –
along with a bone sigh or two.

felt good to see that so clearly.