how could i have missed this?!

so i like dreams.
i believe they’re helpful.
i’ve worked with ’em a lot.
and then not at all.
but the point is –
i see value in dreams.

but for pete’s sakes!
it wasn’t until reading some of erich fromm’s book
‘the forgotten language,’
that a whole new respect for sleep has taken over.

i guess i’ve always viewed sleep as kinda a waste.
i mean, i love when i get enough.
and i’m glad for feeling refreshed afterwards.
but i never ‘respected’ it before.
always kinda wished we didn’t need it.

until now!

he’s explaining to me how it’s a really special time.
how it’s THE ONLY time we block out everything –
all distractions, all rules, all social pressures….
time and space and gravity don’t exist as definites.
anything and everything can happen.

and our dreams come and talk with us in their very
own language. we just need to learn to listen.

ohmygosh….he just deepened everything for me here.

so last nite…
i decided to kinda let my sleep know i now saw things
differently and wanted to honor it.

i lit a candle, put yo yo ma playing lullabies on, and took
a hot hot shower. and i thought about how amazing this
whole process is of sleep. and how i’ve missed it my whole life.

but not any more!
had to share in case you’ve missed it too,
and in case you want to wake up to sleep!