here we are

it’s here.
inauguration day.
some are thrilled.
some are beyond broken hearted.

it’s not just a win to one side.
it’s the saving of america.

it’s not just a loss to one side.
america was stolen.

for all the healing and unity the winning side speaks of,
it certainly is blindingly absent when it comes to their dealing
with the losing side.

so the divide not only continues,
it widens.
it deepens.

on this day,
so many will look to the new administration
with the hopes of them saving us.

i deeply believe that NO MATTER WHAT
your politics are – thrilled or crushed here,
looking outside for saving right now is
the worst mistake we can make.

i believe it’s ENTIRELY up to us right now.
whether you won or lost –
it’s us right now.

i read a post by glenn greenwald yesterday.
a couple of sentences just stopped me in my tracks.
i wanted to put them here for all of us –

That a new War on Terror is coming is not a question of speculation and it is not in doubt. Those who now wield power are saying it explicitly. The only thing that is in doubt is how much opposition they will encounter from those who value basic civic rights more than the fears of one another being deliberately cultivated within us.

i had no idea how much of a civil rights gal i was until i saw them getting taken away – and freely handed away.

i see fear as the tool that has been used to take them
and belief in safety as the motivation to hand them to the takers.

we have become so afraid of each other.

after i read glenn’s sentences,
i thought about them a lot.
and i wondered –
is it easier to accept that those who believe differently
are so scary that we need to be protected from them –
is that easier to accept than the idea that the fear of
each other is ‘being deliberately cultivated within us?’

i honestly wonder.

is it easier to hate than to do the work not to hate?

if you’re curious, spend a day hearing what you listen to.
hearing what you accept.
listen for those words that feed something inside of you.

when i’m angry, i want to hear the negative stuff.
i just do.
it feeds something inside me.

when i’m scared, i want to hear that i’ll be protected.
i don’t want to take the fear apart and examine it.
i just want to be taken care of!

when i want to be in the know and feel i understand something,
i am quick to accept what someone is telling me if it answers
my questions easily.

every single one of us is lazy.
that’s just how we are.
every single one of us has parts of ourselves
that shouldn’t be fed, but want to be fed.

it’s not YOU – it’s US.
all of us are like that.

and let’s face it,
it’d be WAY easier to have some ‘administration’
somewhere come in and just fix everything for us.

but life doesn’t work that way for anything.
ya know?

it’s ours.
it’s ours to see our part in the division,
in the direction,
who we are listening to, who we are fearful of,
the consequences of what we accept –
that’s all ours.

that’s all work.

and that’s all vital right now.

i have added to the divide.
and i have fed things inside of me
that should not be fed.

i am thinking of today as MY inauguration day.
(inauguration defined –
the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period.)
and i’m gonna work hard, think more, act intentionally,
hold awareness, listen deeper, question more, and be
a leader to myself as best i possibly can be.
so help me god.

may we all take a pledge within ourselves to create
the world that we want to live in.

no one else will do it for us.