gaining awareness…

sometimes i realize just how little i know
about some of the different forms of mental illness.
while i know being bi-polar is a huge challenge,
i know very little about it.

julie kraft emailed me yesterday letting me know her
book on dealing with being bi-polar is now complete
and ready to spread.

she has several vids, and i chose the longer one to really
get her story. i’m so glad i did. i was moved and so impressed
with her honesty and vulnerability.

i haven’t read the book, so i can’t give you an opinion on that,
but i wanted to share this information with you in case it
could help you or someone you love.

just raising awareness and watching someone offer who they are,
is enough of a reason to share this!

i don’t know julie, but i’m proud of her anyway.
i think she’s so courageous.

here’s some links for you –

her facebook page.

an article about the book.