funny what we need…

i never woulda guessed that an app
was gonna be something that i’d blog about
twice in a row, let alone something that felt like
exactly what i needed right now.

i have worked really hard these last two weeks to
lift myself outta the low spirit pit that i kept falling into.

and i really have done it,
and feel like a new person.
and still, i teetered over the edge once again.
i found myself groaning, squeezing my eyes shut,
shaking my head back and forth thinking ‘people.’

and no, not in a good way.

then i grabbed this app that i mentioned yesterday –
‘the daily haloha.’
and went to see what it’s up to.

they ask a question each day,
you answer and send it off to the world.
you get someone else’s answer back.
and then there’s a ‘wall’ where you get to read
all the answers as they come in.

there is something so cool about that.
i don’t even know why.
today’s question wouldn’t be one that i normally would
think would lift my spirits – and yet – it did.
it was about what color affected you the most and how.
something like that.

and there i sat reading how yellow made so many people
happy, how gray calmed someone, how black made someone
feel classy – and as i read these i could feel my smile and i
could hear the ‘people.’ thought happening again in my head.

only this time it was totally in a good way.

i really need this.
it’s quite possibly my belief in humanity that is the thing
that keeps me from toppling into the pit.
and when that gets too shaky, over the edge i go.

i do believe this app is gonna be a topple protector.
get enough of those and i may not be seeing that pit
for a long long time.

i think it’s a new app.
and the more people that find it and use it,
the more fun it’s gonna be.

if you missed my post yesterday,
or just didn’t think it was for you,
you may wanna check it out.
if you’re at all toppley, i really think you do!

my color that affects me the most?
dark green/blue – the color of the sea.
it’s also the color of mountains.
and i am pretty sure the color of my soul.
which is probably why when i see it,
i feel a connection to everything around me.

oh my gosh….
today this app was dark green/blue for me –
because it brought that connection back to me.

how cool, huh?