finishing it up

i had planned on finishing
up the whole ‘divide’ talk
with yesterday’s post,
and moving on.

i got a note this morning though,
that i think might be the perfect thing
to actually finish on.

for yesterday’s quote of the day
(which was inauguration day)
i sent out the quote ‘don’t let them take away
who you are.’

i got a response from someone i have known
for years telling me she was surprised and
saddened, but would respect my right to my
own opinion.


this seemed to be such a perfect example of
the division we are experiencing,
that i thought maybe it would help illustrate
what i have been trying to convey the last
few days. i am hoping so.

she’s an absolutely beautiful person.
generous. kind. loving.
means no harm.
is truly saddened by whatever she got from that.
would never want to be part of any division
in our country.

so, what DID she get from that?
i don’t know as i haven’t heard back yet.
so maybe i have it all wrong and it’s not the
example of what i am using it for.
but i’m gonna play with it anyway,
as i think it helps think through some stuff.

does she assume i’m a trump supporter?
is that what makes her sad?
would it take her sadness away to know i’m not?

so, okay…i’m not.

is that what the sadness was about?
if so, why?
are trump supporters somehow less than?
do ‘they’ believe in hate?
what’s the sad about?
good questions to ask ourselves.

does saying ‘i respect your right to your opinion’
make it ‘all okay?’
does saying the respect part make it so we don’t have to
actually look at the division that we are part of?
if you respect my opinion, do you need to tell me it
makes you sad? real questions for us all to think on.

so, now, what if you’re a trump supporter reading this
and you feel sad reading i’m not a trump fan –
if so why?
are you assuming i’m a biden supporter?
would it take your sadness away to know i’m not?

so, okay…i’m not.

is that what the sadness was about?
if so, why?
are biden supporters somehow less than?

do you feel the need to tell me you are saddened
by my opinion? if so, why?
do you know what my thoughts are?
if not, why?

what exactly DOES ‘respecting another’s opinion’
mean to us anyway?
is it their RIGHT to have one, is that what we’re
respecting? not their opinion?
i can see how that would make a difference in it all.
and that might be really important to look at.

‘don’t let them take away who you are.’
that was the quote.
and i mean it with my entire heart.

i feel like every single one of us needs that reminder
right now more than ever. BECAUSE OF THE DIVIDE
not because of who you vote for.

you don’t have to be for a ‘team.’
or you can be.
whoever you like or dislike –
if you trust in politicians or you don’t –
i hope we are all rooting for our country to succeed
in all kindsa different ways.
i don’t know anyone who is NOT hoping for that.

but if we participate in the divide,
no matter how subtle it is inside us,
we ARE letting them take away who we are.
we are being less than we can be.

if this thought that i am typing out right now –
this thought of mine somehow makes you sad
with who i am,
that’s fair.
that’s being sad about some thought TERRI has,
about some direction terri is aiming.
it’s not being sad about who i’m glad to see as
see ME, not my party.
i’m rooting for us.
i really really am.

and maybe if we all REALLY saw each other,
we wouldn’t be sad.
because if we all really saw, we would see
how alike we are.

i have been nudging as hard as i can to get
all of us to look at how we are participating in the
division without even knowing it. i know i am.

and yeah, i’m done.
it may show up again in my own journey with my
own wrestling with it inside myself –
cause it certainly seems to be a big part of living
right now. but i’m done nudging.

it’s up to us.
always has been.
just now i see it so darn clearly.