finding my sanity

so i took a walk this morning.
with the purpose of finding my sanity.
it had disappeared.

i called out my imaginary friends
for some help with this task.

always there for me,
they showed right up and dug right in.

they helped me untangle a lot of things.
one of which seemed worth sharing –

it’s not the virus that i’m afraid of right now.
it’s the panic and all that entails that has me rattled.

but here’s the thing –
doesn’t matter what the fear is about –
it’s still fear.

and i’m still adding fear to the atmosphere.
and frustration and all kindsa not so great things.

so they talked with me.
helped me sort.
and reminded me that yes, there’s an abundance
of freak out right now –
but there’s also an abundance of beauty.

and they reminded me that people are such a mix of stuff.
but that’s nothing new.
and the more i saw and understood that,
the better it was –
not necessarily easier – but better.

it’s a lot of work right now to keep my head in the game.
but so?
do the work, terri.

breathe in the light.
breathe out the ick.
and just keep sending love…