feelin’ the fire

so for a variety of reasons –
none of which are easy or pleasant –
a fire was lit inside me this morning.


maybe fires never really start easily or pleasantly?
i don’t know.
but i know i’ve got one burning inside me right now.

and i know it feels good.

i have decided that i want to make this year
the healthiest i have ever been in my life –
physically, mentally, emotionally, heart wise,
word wise, thought wise.

this is no easy little task i just decided on.
but i can tell you,
i WANT it.
it’s time.

i have spent TWENTY years doing bone sighs.
i’m having trouble believing that number.
i keep checking.
is it twenty?
it’s twenty.

and i have learned a LOT in those twenty years.

and this morning,
in a very new way –
i feel ready to take what i’ve learned
and put it into action.

go figure.

what does any of this mean?
i have NO idea.
but it’s time for me to step into my strength
in a new way.

one thing i know,
exercise time is gonna feel different now.
grinning here…

we’ll have to see where this goes.

this morning, it feels so right.

let’s see where this leads…..