family inspiration

it’s new year’s eve day!

i’m thinking quite a lotta us are thinking
‘good riddance’ to this year.
and yeah, i totally understand that feeling.

tho, thru the whole thing,
i have been reminding myself over and over
that it’s been a gift.

but it was when i talked with one of my sons
this morning that i got really inspired about
WHAT a gift it truly has been.

he told me with great delight that this year
had been his best ever.

the smile flooded over my whole being.

he continued on with how he has learned more
this year than if he added up the last five.

‘he’s right.’ i thought.

so much of what i’ve learned, i haven’t liked.

and i have been fighting with what i am seeing.

listening to him,
really hearing him,
made the fight stop.
at least for a moment.

having blinders taken off.
finding beliefs you didn’t know you really had.
letting go of ones that you figure out don’t work.

all of that is really really good stuff.
and yeah, this year has brought so much of that.

he’s right.
it HAS been a good year.
and as i typed ‘good’ i could hear jocko’s voice.
do you remember him?
i posted about him ages ago.
introduced to me by this very same son.
he’s the incredibly male man who says to tackle
your problems and make the learning you get from
them a GOOD thing. and he says ‘good’ with this great
dramatic man voice.
got a problem? GOOD.
got a challenge? GOOD.
had a year that wouldn’t let you be a baby? GOOD.

ahhhh…. life.
what a gift it is to be here.

i have a feeling next year isn’t going to be
any more peaceful.

what’s that, jocko?

here’s to living the journey.
all of it.
and here’s to growing and becoming more
of who we want to be.