even the storm is talking

there i was again –
not even asking,
but definitely getting an ear full anyway!

a storm came thru.
at first i was really looking forward to it.
a tropical storm with lotsa winds.
i love wind.

but then i got an email from my home insurance.
not just to me, of course.
a mass email about preparing for the storm.
and while, no, i never felt the need to pack my bags –
still can’t figure that one out –
i did suddenly get skittish.
i checked the weather.
50 mile an hour winds were coming thru.
oh no!
(um….i had NO idea what speed of winds
a normally blustery day had. but that didn’t matter.
50 seemed like a huge number.)

yeah…..i got afraid without even knowing
what any kinda normals were.

for pete’s sakes.

it’s a whole big darn fear culture right now.
i have been watching it for months.
and i have come to believe that many many many
people actually WANT the fear for some reason.

i didn’t think i was one of ’em.
shakin’ my head as i type.

we are ALL alike.
just different.

but when we forget that we’re similar,
if we’re lucky, something like a storm will
come along and remind us of our similarities.

i got sucked into the fear.

last nite i got up several times to see what was happening
outside. and you know what was happening?!
it was raining.

this morning when i got up,
i couldn’t not hear the message the storm was telling me –
‘you’re sucked in too, girl – open your eyes!’

so my eyes are open.
honestly, i can’t say the fear is gone.
that seems too easy.
i’m not afraid of the storm right now –
but it’s not even raining at this point.
so i don’t get a lotta credit for that.

i have something else goin’ on in my life
that has left me fearful.
if i can clear that fear hurdle,
THEN i’ll tell you i got the lesson the storm
was tryin’ to teach me.

i’ll be sitting with that later today.
for now, i feel like i am at least turned in the
right direction with open eyes.

and that is a good start.