i had a doozy this morning.

i woke up and thought ‘jeesh. i didn’t like that one.’

but then i said ‘wait a minute!’
and decided to go hop on the treadmill and work it out a bit.

and sure enough,
it was a really helpful dream.

so, while treadmillin’ away,
i wondered what to do with it.
i saw it was helpful.
but how to use it?

well……….if you believe you’re this whole package that works together, ter –
and i do –
then ask your inner self what to do with it.
and i did.

and i got an answer right away.

so darn cool.

this entire experience is such a gift.
one i think is there for every single one of us.
and while i wonder why i don’t access it more,
i do see i’m better at remembering to do so and quicker at hearing
stuff i feel like i should hear.

i really wanna remember that when i’m rolling my eyes
at how slow i am with this stuff –
once in awhile i get it!

i really really love the idea of each of us being this whole
little system that works together. with messages coming thru
in different ways to get our attention.

and this morning i saw it in action,
and just bowed down to the glory of it all.