deep regard

i have a new phrase that i have fallen in love with!
well…it’s not set in stone.
it can be played around with.
but it’s something like –
‘hold a deep regard for who you are.’

it’s that ‘deep regard’ part that has got me.

and no, it’s not mine.
i listened to caroline myss give a talk and she is the one
who said it. she was talking about having a ‘rich inner life’
and that you had to hold a deep regard for who you are
because people weren’t going to understand what you experience,
and that has to be okay.
you need to have that regard for yourself so that you’re good
with maybe being the only one who gets that part of you.
or something like that.

now to be clear,
i am totally on the fence about carolyn.
some stuff she says i really resonate with.
some stuff she says i really don’t.
i mostly don’t pay much attention to her.
but there she was in my youtube feed and i’m paying attention right now.
so i listened.

and that phrase alone has already done me a world of good!

i hit a rough patch.
and was pretty bumpy inside.
i almost clicked onto something that i knew wouldn’t be good for me.
but i almost did it anyway.
i’m not sure why –
maybe to punish myself a little bit?
maybe to just add to my feeling lousy?
i don’t know.
but whatever it was – it certainly was NOT holding myself with deep regard.
and here’s the beauty!
i thought of it!
asked myself exactly that –
‘terri, would that be holding yourself with deep regard?’
and i knew it wouldn’t so i didn’t do it!

how awesome is that?
you guessed it….
this is going on my fridge to help me work this deep into my being
so that i pay attention and use it as a helpful compass.

and – i’m thinking it works with every single thing you do.
everything you choose to read, to watch, to spend your time with.

i love this.