crazy day

was a crazy day with our site being
down all day. nothing we could do
about it but wait for it to come back up!

and sure enough, it made its way back.

i can only just imagine what it was like
over at the server’s place today. and
all the calls they musta been getting!
and i’m thinking not all that friendly
of calls either.

i had no idea how much i use the website
when i’m working. it slowed down a lot today,
but sped up a few thoughts on kindness.

there’s always that initial response to
when things like this happen, ya know?

something like ‘AHHHHHHH!!’

and then there’s the picturing the
running around at the server’s place.
and compassion sets in.

so then, finding myself stuck and unable
to do something because of the site
problem, i browsed the web and found
out about the starbuck red cup craze.

and again, there was that initial reaction.

something like ‘AHHHHHH!!’

a whole lotta not nice thoughts came running
thru my head.

and once again, i remembered kindness.

it’s harder to keep in mind than you think
sometimes, isn’t it?

and so in honor of these moments, i wanted
to share our greeting card called ‘kindness.’

it feels like a good reminder of just how
powerful and magical kindness is.


“understanding now that this was the way to open her heart, she dropped to her knees and opened herself to its presence.”