choosing focus points

i got a call last nite from a woman who lives
in my town. she said she was confused as she
had what looked like a package that i was sending
out but it was torn open and in her trash can.


this happened a few years back.
someone stole something right out of my mailbox,
so i started running all my orders down to the post office
every day of the holiday season.

i did the same last year.
and this year i just thought ‘nahhhhh no one’s going to
do that. it’s perfectly fine to leave stuff out there.’

and then.
this call.

turns out it was a pretty big order and it really mattered
to me. none of it was damaged and i could resend it.

but as i drove across town to pick it up,
i was really really bummed.
i’ve been pretty darn emotional lately anyway,
and i really just felt like crying.
why do people do stuff like that?
the sheer not thinking and total lack of concern for
anything else….and knowing it wasn’t just me this
was happening to….and on and on….
i was just sad.
really really sad.

i pulled up to the woman’s house.
a beautiful beautiful home.
i got out of the car and just stood there and looked
at it and whispered out loud ‘wow!’
as i walked up her sidewalk that seemed so big,
i just kept whispering ‘wow.’

she let me in to get the package and i was still
in ‘wow’ mode. it was quite a home. i asked her
how long she’d lived there and if she just loved it.
if she had forgotten how lucky she was to be there,
i totally reminded her.

and i thanked her for going the extra mile and
bothering to call me.

this morning i ran a thank you goodie and card over
to leave on her porch.

and as i drove i thought of the whole story.
and where i needed to focus.
there’s a lotta good in this story.
there’s some stuff that makes me angry and sad,
but there’s a lotta good.

and THAT seems to be such a part of the season.
i guess it’s such a part of life.
maybe magnified during the season.

which parts of the story we choose to focus on
will change everything for us….

sometimes it’s hard to get the energy to move our
eyes in the right direction. sometimes it just feels
like the other washes over us and covers us.
but over and over if we keep moving our eyes
back to the good…..
well, that’s gotta make a difference.