musings and ponderings…

February 19, 2018

so far…

i’ve been doin’ a lot of thinking.
trying to figure how i want to
travel this journey and how this
blog fits into that picture.

i still don’t know.
think i’ll just have to figure it out
as i go along.

this is what i’ve come up with so far –

i absolutely do NOT want to add to the noise
of this world.
i want to take what i see and hear
and learn something.
i want to grow.

to do that, there will be untangling of thoughts
and reflections and ponderings that come about.
i want to post them here for my own thinking process
and leave it open to anyone who wants to do their
own contemplating.

i think that might be it.
i’m still toying with it all.
and yeah, maybe that’s been pretty much it all along,
but i think now i’m reminded to be a little bit more
mindful of noise, and a little more free with short,
odd content.

which makes me think the format will be different.
sometimes thoughts typed out, sometimes images
with words expressing a reflection. sometimes just
an odd random sentence…we’ll just have to see where it leads…

this weekend i had two significant interactions.
one with a candle. one with a tree.

i’d like to leave the tree thought here as it seems
that it may lead the direction of this blog for awhile…

February 15, 2018


feeling overwhelmed and weary this morning.
and like there is so much noise that won’t

i don’t want to add to the noise.

i want to add to the light.

i am going to take a few days to try to
think about how i want to do that.

i’m going to rethink the blog.
rethink the website.
just rethink.

i’ll be back on monday with what
i came up with.

until then,
please consider doing all you can in the words
you speak to add peace to this world.

February 14, 2018

and we’re starting it all off with this one!

okay you guys!
first love deal today!
hope to get a couple up before it’s all over…

this is on the etsy shop.

“they took.
they invaded.
they pushed.
they violated.
in so many different ways.
a lifetime of pushes and takings
and making her feel less than valuable.
sitting back, she began to see it.
how it had gone on and on.
and in seeing it,
she began to realize –
it was up to her now
to shout,
to whisper,
to sing,
to move
and to believe in her value.
no more taking that from her.
it was hers.
no more giving it away.
it was hers.
with strength
and with knowing,
she held it.
she lived it.
she became it.”


February 13, 2018

ohhh it’s almost here!

valentine’s day!
what?! you hate it?!
well, you aren’t alone,
that’s for sure!

i can’t get over the amount of people
who hate valentine’s day.
it is a wonder it’s still a holiday
and hasn’t been outlawed.

every year i go on and on about once
i figured out it’s about love –
in all its forms – it has truly become
one of my favorites.

if you start thinking of it that way,
and you start concentrating on SPREADING love
instead of thinking about getting it…
it becomes great fun.
getting it will always have snags.
giving it, if you truly just give, will always
bring joy.

and! if you think of it as a day to honor the
mystery and power of love – well, it becomes
really quite amazing!

i want to do something special tomorrow to honor it.
i’m not sure what yet, but i know it will involve my
etsy shop, as i can offer things over there without
bothering the guys like i would have to if it was
a deal on my website. so there will be LOVE DEALS!
and hopefully i can keep some fun rolling all day.

i wanted to tell you here today so that if you want
to play, keep an eye on the bone sigh arts facebook page
or my twitter page…or if i can really get my act together,
my instagram page. i’ll shout deals there. and i’ll try
to just share love images and fun stuff all day.

February 12, 2018

digging thru the writing…

i just want to touch
something inside me
that i don’t know how to touch.
and every now and then
i think to go wander thru
my own writing.
and see what i can find.

i found this today.
and thought i’d share.

‘she thought it was that her
heart was heavy –
but when she
stopped to
really feel
she realized it
was more like
her lung was
like it was
heavy to
like it was
hard to sit up.
her eyes
didn’t want
to focus but
her mind
wouldn’t stop
and echoing
insider over
and over
was the crying of
her inner child.
when she finally
to really feel it,
she closed those
heavy eyes
and saw the
little one inside.
resting her head
against the bruised lung,
the little one breathed
in time with those aching lungs.
together the held each other
and for a beautiful little while,
they did nothing else.’

February 9, 2018

it’s my day today.

several things happening in a row
kinda set the stage for thoughts of loss.
of realizing how quick it all is,
how hard it is to lose people,
and how much i, myself, don’t want to
leave this planet either!

at first it mellowed me out.
how could it not?
when you’re really sitting with that stuff,
it’s pretty sobering.

but then, my mood shifted into appreciation.
and gratitude.
and all of that shifted into downright joy.
i AM here right now.
and there’s SO much to feel good about.

i’m here alone today.
with a lot to keep me busy.
and i decided i was going to tackle that ‘a lot’
with a great gust of happiness.
for being here.
for being able to do the things i need to.
for all of it.

i was cold.
it’s cold at my desk.
so i decided if i had a lot to do, i might as
well do things that will warm me up first.

i started running – literally – around the house.
doin’ this and that and zippin’ all over the place.
i was singing (really badly)
and dancing (really badly)
and laughing at my own happiness
and telling the day that i was so glad to be here.
and thanking the universe for it all.
all with rapid movement to warm up.
this woke my kid energy up big time.
so much so that when my husband (gosh, that is STILL weird to say/type)
called i was filled with crazy kid energy.

he asked what i was doin’.

try to imagine what a six year old who just got caught doin’ something
would sound like and that’s exactly what came out –

i really WAS doin’ nothin’ in particular –
except…well…dancing with god.
and that’s just kinda hard to explain sometimes.

he laughed when he heard the ‘nothin” come out like it did and said
‘what did i catch you doin’?”
cause he knows already that when i’m home alone the inner six year old
comes out to play. and he knows god comes to visit sometimes,
or sometimes it’s my inner crone. or….or…well, he knows these things.

but she would not be caught today. again i heard myself with a kid’s voice
say ‘ nothin” – and then i burst out laughing.

when he remarked at how happy i sounded,
i DID tell him that i was rejoicing in the day.
that we were so lucky to be here and i wanted to just grab it today.

yes, i CAN dance with god today cause i can move.
my back isn’t hurting so badly that i can’t,
my health is good.
i can move.

maybe if you’re reading this, you can’t.
maybe the reason is physical or maybe it’s emotional.
but for whatever reason, you can’t.

that’s gotta be okay.
there are days i can’t.
and that’s gotta be okay.

but today, i can.
and for that very reason…..i will.

February 8, 2018

a dream message…

i’m starting to feel like
‘sleeping in mornings’ might
actually be ‘message mornings.’

i slept in today.
and woke up from a dream
with this going thru my brain –

‘when one can’t, the other will.’

in the dream it was about a married couple
kinda helping each other thru something.

that’s just kinda beautiful.

but then, i read a note from a friend,
and wondered if she’d need some help from
me that she might not be able to give herself right now.

and i thought ‘ya know, that’s about friends too.’
and also quite beautiful.

and then, as i read therese’s comment about the visual
i typed yesterday and how she took it and turned it onto
herself as well…….

i thought….okay……..this can also be about ourselves.
with the many angles i came up with this thought,
my favorite is –
when one part of us can’t understand something, another part will.

ha! also awesome!

i am loving this message.
i have a chalkboard here by my desk i write stuff on that i love.
this is goin’ up right now.

maybe it’s just a good reminder that we’ll be okay,
someone’s got our back.
even if the someone is our own self!

February 7, 2018

just making sure…

i walked this morning.
for a long time.
the weather delayed openings
and so the traffic was much lighter.
and when i get that,
i like to take advantage of it.

i wanted to make sure the morning got here.

at first i just walked and enjoyed
the quieter streets and fewer head lights.

but as i was thinking of finishing things up
and headin’ in, i could see that morning’s light
would be here before too long.

and i got to thinking about that.
‘you take that for granted every single day, terri.
maybe just once in awhile you should watch
and make sure it comes in.
you know….be there looking for it.’

and no, i had no plan as to what i would do
if it didn’t arrive in the usual way.

but i liked the idea of being out there
waiting for it,
saying ‘i care. don’t forget to show up today.
we need you.’

seems like a good thing to do here and there,
doesn’t it?!

so i did that today.
first time ever.
and i gotta say,
it felt good.
it felt like starting the day with understanding
that it’s a gift it shows up at all.

i have been out for plenty of sunrises and
have always been filled with gratitude for their beauty.
this was before that tho.
it was like goin’ back stage before the show and whisperin’
to the one who was coming out – we need you. you are showing, yes?
and then goin’ back and taking your seat and just waiting.
knowing you were in for a treat.
and knowing there’s a dance between everything –

and it’s all a gift.

February 6, 2018

her words

it’s love month!
and i haven’t gone on and on
about it nearly enough!

so many, many different women
have touched my life along the way.
i wanted to post this for all of you.

February 5, 2018

sculpting light…

while i don’t always do it,
i really like to start my days
with a poem by hafiz.

today’s poem hit in the most perfect way.

he uses the visual of SCULPTING LIGHT.
that right there is a gift.
is that a great image, or what?!
it’s one i can really work with!

and the timing for this is perfect –

while i ‘handled’ it well,
talked to my partner about it,
and did my best to keep it from going crazy,
i had one of those times this weekend where
the negative self talk inside of me was
feelin’ feistier and louder than i’d like.

so today, after a beautiful walk,
sitting quietly with my candles and
watching the sky light up out my window,
i read this –

and just closed my eyes and held it close.
i feel like this is a tremendous help.
so i wanted to offer it to you as well.
we can’t pick up that club if we’re busy
sculpting light…

Between a good artist
And a great one
The novice
Will often lay down his tool
Or brush
Then pick up an invisible club
On the mind’s table
And helplessly smash the easels and
Whereas the vintage man
No longer hurts himself or anyone
And keeps on
– Hafiz