musings and ponderings…

December 19, 2019

sharing some peace

think this works.
sure hope it does.
thought this was beautiful and wanted to share.

david is a friend of mine,
he and his brother created this.
david is the photographer.
paul is the musician.
what a combination!

i was moved to tears
and realized how much i needed the peace this offers.

he shared it on facebook.
i am trying to share it everywhere i can.
the world needs this right now.
i sure did.

December 17, 2019

quieting down…

i do believe it’s gonna get quiet
around the bone sigh shop now.

most christmas orders have been placed.
i will actually be taking off the entire
week next week!

this whole taking off thing is new to me.
and i’m likin’ it.

i want to kinda quiet down now.
there’s colds goin’ around my family,
and taking things slow just seems like the smart thing to do.
think i’ll be just posting memes for a bit here.

i will try to post ones that might help remind us
all about the light inside us and around us.

and i will be over here wrapping all those who are
struggling with healing thoughts and love.

December 16, 2019

it’s not the messes

it’s not the messes.
they will always be there.
and there will always be plenty of them.

it’s the spaces in between.
the stuff around the messes –
the support of loved ones or friends,
the growing towards someone you love
as you struggle with the mess,
the ability to go within and find your strength,
the astounding resources that lie inside us –

that’s the stuff we need to keep our eyes on.

and i gotta tell ya,
i have been distracted by the messes.
but i so feel this right now –
am filled with the understanding that it’s not the messes at all.
and i can see so much gold shimmering all around them.

focusing there right now.
and it feels right.
it feels good.

December 13, 2019

bone sigh speak


apparently this bone sigh is gonna speak
to me all thru the holiday season –

“maybe grace is figuring out it’s not
all about you.
that people are doing what they’re
doing for their own reasons.
not yours.
and maybe grace is accepting that.”

i like this one a lot.
and i’ve been chanting it a lot lately.
today i added another that i’m chanting –

“it’s not about controlling.
it’s about being present.
being open, being aware –
and allowing it to come.”

sometimes i speak in bone sighs.
sometimes when i want to reach out
and touch my fingertips to another person’s fingertips,
i speak with a bone sigh.

today i realized i was speaking to myself soul to heart
and using bone sighs.

that is so cool.

so thought i’d offer them to you.

with love.

allowing it