i was supposed to be working.
but my gosh,
it’s FALL!

i grabbed my camera and went outside.
‘just gonna get a dose of god’ i told myself.
‘then i’ll come right in and concentrate.’

i love it outside.
i just do.

i came across the sign in the photo above.
there’s a story to it.
one that started out rough.
where i struggled a lot with acceptance.
knowing that all i could do was change me
and not the circumstances,
i cried a bit, whined,
then set to work on changing my reactions to
things i couldn’t control.

and i did.
i worked hard.
and changed from struggle to acceptance.
to yeah…all the way to love.

and every time i see this sign,
i think of the backstory.

and all this made me think of backstories.
if we could create our new backstories now with love,
what a beautiful goal that would be!

and if we’ve got old backstories that are totally not filled with love,
it’s not too late –
we can still wrap them in light, and fill them with love from where
we are now. from a distance that doesn’t have to tell another soul.
it’s just our personal light wrapping.
and yeah, i’m thinking that’s definitely filling them with love.

if we’re lucky,
we can cover a lotta ground that way.
and when it’s all over, we can say our backstories are truly filled with love.

i like this a lot.