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even if our circumstances are different, i believe our emotions are the same...and maybe in sharing the journey in as real and honest a way as we can, maybe we'll help each other grow.

it’s a good ol’ age

it’s a good ol’ age. this being ‘older’ it’s a good ol’ age and i really saw that as i sat and talked with a friend today. we talked about a whole lotta different things. and i gotta say our age showed thru the topics. in a really cool way. there’s been a lotta learning…

god’s pinky

i held my breath when i read mark nepo refer to the sea as god’s smaller face in the world. how perfect. and the phrase popped into my head last nite as i was standing in the middle of my yard looking up at the sky. a strong storm was rolling in. the clouds were…


uncle ya know, i can be so darn thick headed. the best thing in my life lately has been havin’ this goofy guy of mine here. this whole co-habitation thing has been deeply wonderful. and um….. i gotta say, i dragged my feet a bit. grinnin’. okay. a lot. i dragged my feet a lot….