annnnnnd stretch!

i am absolutely convinced that it’s all about
the stretching. that life is so much better when
you stretch – both physically and mentally.

as i rapidly approach my 56th birthday,
my body is screaming at me to stretch more.
and i’m listening. i’m in. i want it. i’m on it.

and as i watch those around me, i am convinced
that stretching my mind and my heart is what’s
gonna allow me to be the human i want to be as i grow old.

i work on that kinda thing cause i want to,
it interests me, and it’s gotten to be a bit of a darn hobby.

but just as i think my physical mobility will be drastically
affected by my physical stretching,
i really believe the exact same thing holds true for my innerĀ happiness.

can inner happiness be inner mobility?
maybe it’s the ability to roll with life.
maybe it’s what keeps you from shrinking inside yourself
and crippling yourself by only seeing a tiny world.

inner mobility.
outer mobility.

i want ’em, babty!

we do choose a whole lot of who we turn into.
we’re not victim to a whole lotta the things we think we are.

that’s clear to me as i sit here on this start of the week.
and what a wonderful feeling to really believe and
to truly want to work on.
and to know my birthday is right around the corner,
and i just want to keep getting better.

toasting stretching, growing and getting better and better!