a white tree

this quote is hanging in my bathroom –

“a white tree
sparkled in the darkness,
having grown into its own beauty,
reaching for the stars,
yet somehow already filled with them,
its branches echoed
with the song of the holy.”

i stopped and read it this morning.
i really like it.
i looked at the piece hanging there
and wondered if anyone else would
resonate with it.

so i took it down,
took it out of the frame
and put the matted piece up on etsy.

i don’t care if it sells or not.
it’s something i will keep forever if it doesn’t.
i just thought i’d offer it.

and maybe just holding it,
and working with it to put it up on the site
was something i needed to do today.

i love the visual.
and as my day goes on,
i want to soak it up even more.

this journey of becoming,
it really is quite a journey, isn’t it?

click here for etsy