a plan man

so i’ve been thinking about this whole
walk your talk stuff.
man, it’s hard!
i can see why a whole lotta people just
talk the talk and walk something different.

so i’m tryin’ to figure out what the heck the talk is
and then stumble along and figure out how to walk it.
and i’ve been feeling it.
sometimes overwhelmed.
sometimes glum.
sometimes confused.
sometimes not wanting to.

so i came up with a plan that i’ve been doin’ for
two whole days now. and so far it’s working.


that’s the plan.

just move.

get up and exercise.
work hard when i’m at work.
take care of all the house stuff i’ve been letting go
of because it’s too hot and i’m too lazy.
just kinda bite into life.

i figured it was bite into life and get the blood flowin’,
or get overwhelmed and sink a bit.

and i didn’t feel like sinking.
so i’m moving.

i’m still equally as overwhelmed and confused and all those things –
i’m just moving a lot faster feeling that way.
and that makes me laugh.

i figure i don’t have some answers i’d like to have right now.
but i’ve been around long enough to know they’ll come when i’m ready.
so, i’m gonna trust that – and as ol’ rilke says –
i’m gonna live my way into the answers.

at least, that’s the plan right now…….