a moment.

you know how we all have ‘stuff’
in our lives?

and you know how some days all the stuff shows up at once?
and you feel like each piece of the stuff is sitting on your shoulders
and your back
and your head
just to make sure that you’re feeling their full weight?

well, that was happening.

and it was hot out.

that morning,
before the stuff showed up,
i had run the riding lawn mower around fast in the front yard.
things were so shaggy, i just needed to do it.
but as i rolled around on that loud, wonderful mower,
i could see that it all needed to be topped off with the weed whacker.

too hot.
i’ll wait, i told myself.

thing is, i waited last week.

okay. okay.
so i rode around and argued with myself.
and bossed myself around.
‘what else do you have to do?’
‘you can do it tonite.’
‘you have time.’

so, i decided i’d wait for a bit of shade and catch it later that evening.

but ya see, between that time and the evening,
the stuff had started to visit.

so by the time evening hit,
i really didn’t want to do it.
i dragged my feet.
but i had left the weed whacker out.
and it was staring at me.
so i did it.
i went out to ‘just get it done.’

i whacked those weeds with force as i bent over with
the stuff of my day all over my back and neck.

and then….
as i was trimming the tall grass in the front drainage ditch area
lost in my thoughts…
completely out of the blue…
came the most delicious,
gentle, soothing, refreshing breeze.

it blew against my hot face and wrapped itself all around me.

i stopped.
closed my eyes.
without hesitation, i knew.
i just knew.
‘there’s god.’ i thought.

and i just let that breeze soothe me.

my shoulders relaxed.
my heart opened.

and then i went back to weed whacking.
with such gratitude for that moment.
the heat came back.
no breezes.
just summer sun.
i finished up with a smile on my face.

and i thought about how i wouldn’t have been outside if i hadn’t
been doin’ what i’d been draggin’ my feet to do.
and i thought how i would have missed that moment.
and how much i needed that moment.

want to kinda remember this when i don’t feel like doin’ something.
you never know what moments are tucked into your day.
you just never know.