a different angle

i know this one’s gonna sound
a wee bit crazy at first.
but bear with me
cause i think this thought
has some potential…

i ran out and did a little raking
this morning.
not long as i’m pacing my aging body!

on my way back in,
i looked up at all the leaves still
waiting to fall.

i marveled at how many leaves each tree has.
and i thought how really cool it was
that they all fell down to earth to be
here in my yard for a little while.

and for the first time ever
i thought about what an honor it was
to be able to rake up a tree’s leaves.

like the trees were giving me a gift.

here’s all these millions of leaves
i’d never be able to get near –
unless –
they fell to the earth for me.
right here.
waiting for me.

and it just felt like the most
wonderful thought.

and for some reason i wanted to share…