you really are a light…

i saw something really cool this weekend –
i saw the ripples of someone’s kindness
go far beyond what that someone would have imagined.

and not only was the kindness seen and appreciated,
who she chose to be was admired and respected.
all this coming from a source further than she woulda
thought her touch would really go.

and it made an impression on a young man.

which kinda felt extra good to me.

and i got to tell her about it on a weekend
where she wasn’t feeling all that seen.
so the timing was pretty darn nice.

so while i enjoyed all that tremendously,
what really takes my breath away is how much it
really does matter how we choose to live.
how much we really can touch others –
way further away then we’d ever imagine.

and how – yeah – we really are lights.
and that even in those situations where it’s so hard
to be those lights – well, maybe those situations
count more than we know.

keep at it.
it matters.
shine on and on and on.
you never know who’s watching.