you can’t say it enough…

i’ve blogged about it before.
i’ve taught my family to ask it over and over.
and whenever one of us is struggling with something,
another one will come along and ask it to help the thinking process.

the simple clear question of –
‘what’s the goal?’

(thanking my dad for pounding this question into my brain!)

i went outside last nite in the dark to put out some recycling.
i was thinking about something i’ve been puzzling with lately.
and as i hopped onto the sidewalk leading back to the house,
i heard the question pop right into my head.

what’s the goal?

and i smiled.

because i had forgotten that question.
i had gotten lost and tangled in the craziness of it all.
and i had forgotten that if i keep a goal in mind,
i’ll know what i’ve got to do.

or at least a lot of it all will be easier to see.

and so i offer that question here today.
for anything you’re feelin’ a little lost on.
what’s your goal?
and then how the heck you gonna work towards that?

kinda nifty, huh?