you are not alone.

it doesn’t help that i just recently
watched the movie ‘spotlight.’

or that i’m talking to a young woman
who thinks part of her is ‘ugly’ because
of the abuse that is happening to her.

or that i’m watching an older woman
destroy her life with addictions and i hold
little hope that will ever change for her.

so when i saw the news of yet another horror story
of abuse and cover up, i just sat here and wondered
how it is people look away.

i sat here and thought of all the stories i have heard
thru customers of bone sighs.
thru friends.
thru so many different people.

i’m thinking triggers are happening everywhere for
both women and men right now.

i just wanted to reach out.
i don’t understand the looking the other way.
and i can’t even imagine how damaging that is for the victims.

i’m so very sorry.
and i wanted to tell you that while the message you had to get
was that you didn’t matter at all,
that message is wrong.
so incredibly wrong.

and i’m standing here with you trying to remind you of that.
you do matter.
you are beautiful.
this wasn’t your fault.
you aren’t alone.