i got to meet a friend yesterday.
in person.
one i’ve known forever on line.
and i got wowed over
and over
and over.

one of the wows was this quilt that she and another friend created!

(turn your head sideways to see the white tree!)

isn’t this just amazing?!
it’s a white tree (which they know is totally symbolic to me)
filled with photos of my family and my bone sigh logo at the base.
the material behind it is stars like the nite sky
and the border is made from clothing from my sons!
wow. just wow.

i was speechless.
and teary.
and felt so cared for.
what a gift.
right smack in the middle of love month.
absolutely perfect.

there were other gifts as well.
all handmade.
with such talent!
i took quite a haul home with me.
after an afternoon of hours and hours
and hours flying by with talk that covered
so much ground yet left so much more still to cover.

such love at one little table.
so much going on in my head since then.

the connections that we make,
the sharing that we do,
the love that we offer –
it all just forms our lives, doesn’t it?

and what a perfect month to think about what it is
that we’re sharing, offering and forming.

and to feel the gratitude of those who are in our lives
in such beautiful ways.

mary, m.m., i couldn’t be more grateful for you.
thank you for sharing and offering yourselves, your hearts
and your talents in such a deep way that you actually help
shape my world. you are loved.