world kindness day!

who knew?
there’s a world kindness day!

i am so in!
we could use one of these every day.

the quote above was written after one of the most
profound experiences i have ever had with kindness.

it’s no small thing – the power it holds.

the tricky tricky TRICKY –
did i say tricky?
part of it all is what really is kindness.
sometimes i am too quick to think i know.
and what i think is, isn’t.

so, just like everything else in my life right now –
i’m slowing down my thoughts,
thinking harder and deeper,
and trying so very much to be intentional.

intentional kindness – ahhhh it’s a beautiful thing.

don’t get me wrong tho –
so is spontaneous kindness!
i love that too!

world kindness day –
let’s celebrate it in the most loving ways we can!
i am so in.