so i bumped into a really cool guy
in the grocery store today.
he works in the meat department
and since i’m a vegetarian,
i haven’t had any chance to talk to him.
until today…

one thing led to another and he ended up
telling me about a near death experience
he had when he was six.

you don’t get a near death experience
without an awful story that goes before that,
ya know?

and as i listened to the story,
i looked at the man the six year old had grown
into and i was thinking how lucky i was to get to
be standing there talking to him. that he was alive
and here and healthy.

so there’s that – the miracle of standing there looking at him
knowing he didn’t have to be here. (and yes! i want to look
at everyone that way! and no. i don’t.)
there’s the incredible story of him hovering over himself
as he’s being operated on.
that’s just mind blowing to really think about.
and there’s all the things tied into that.

so there’s a lot.

but this is prolly my biggest take away –

he was super nice. extra nice. noticeably nice.

i’ve seen him many times before chatting with the customers,
have heard his booming voice being friendly with everyone in his path.

now it occurs to me – possibly for the first time? –
that people who are unusually noticeably nice, prolly have a story
behind them that has helped make them so.

why hadn’t i thought of that before?
i have certainly thought of that before with the grouches i have met.
but not so sure if i thought about it with the people with extra light.

i’m absolutely gonna keep this in mind now.
and maybe stop and ask that extra nice person – ‘what’s your story?’
cause i’m betting it’s an inspiring one!

everyone’s got a story.
so many many stories walking around with us.
i’m thinking maybe i want to hear more, listen more, learn more.

oh the things we can hear!

i’m in!