Bone Sigh Arts Spotlight

Bone Sigh Spotlight

i thought we'd start this year with an explanation of what the bone sigh arts spotlight actually IS!

it was conceived of years ago - under a different name - it was called our 'wonderful person of the month.' then i think we decided to get all professional and call it a 'spotlight' - but for me it's always about 'my wonderfuls.'

it's been my way of honoring the amazing people that come thru my life here at bone sighs.

many of them are artists, musicians, or writers. i like to share their links with you and let you know about their work. i like to spread the networking around and remind us all that we are in this together.

some are just great people with no links to share, just wonderful auras to shout out about. it's my small way of honoring them and who they are.

that's what this page is for! thru out the year, i hope to introduce you to folks that you didn't know about, and perhaps even add a few new friends to your life.

here's to a year filled with good people to shout about!
here's to a beautiful 2015!
happy new year!

thank you for being on the journey with me....