Bone Sigh Arts Spotlight

my buddy, sue, is our wonderful person of the month this month!

many of you have heard of sue. i've shouted about her on fb, she's been featured in our newsletter and i've written about her a bunch in my blog. she's my friend who's been fighting cancer for a long time.

in april, she was admitted to NIH for one of those clinical trials. one of those trials that's your last ditch effort. one of those if it doesn't work, they're outta options deals.

my hotsy totsy medical way of explaining it is that they took out her immune system to teach her cells how to fight the cancer cells. and then shot them back into her.

we talked and agreed it was a good time to picture them shooting stars back inside of her - and to try to feel the healing light of the stars inside, outside and all around.

i shouted out everywhere i could for people to visualize sue with stars inside her, to send positive energy, healing energy, prayers.....anything positive for sue.

she finished the trial and got good news that things were looking up. we've rejoiced, danced, cried and breathed again for the first time in a long time.

thing is, we're not done. sue's not done. this is all clinical trial stuff. things can look good for a month, then turn around. or she can make it a few months and then it stops working. OR it can work and work and work and sue can get better!

the emotional upheaval of this whole journey boggles my mind. i can't even imagine how sue rides the roller coaster here. she's had so many let downs, so much devastating news, too many losses for someone her age.... to finally get some good news and try to hope and believe all the while trying to brace yourself for anything.....seems almost impossible.

i have learned a lot walking next to sue thru some of this. and i think often of others dealing with these kinda things. i know many of you who come thru bone sighs are battling your own battles. sue has been a teacher for me, a reminder for me - of the challenges of living - and of the strength of the human spirit. i wanted to share her with you as well.

she dances in the positive as much as possible, she gets covered with the exhaustion and fear and gets up over and over again anyway. she keeps thinking she needs to give back for all the love she's taking in, forgetting that just sharing her journey with us, and just trying so hard is more than enough of a giving back. she has handed so many of us inspiration over and over again without even knowing it.

sometimes i look at her and just see this little girl inside her. this sweet little girl, who's trying so hard to get thru this.

she's made some awesome progress. and honestly i don't believe it's all medicine related. sure, i'll give the docs their due.....but they've had help. a lot of help. people all over the world have been sending sue light and love. will you join in? in any way you can, let's keep this girl covered in light. inside and out. send your prayers, your energy, your healing thoughts..... let's love sue with all we've got!

and let's celebrate her this month! sue! you're way more beautiful than you know, woman. we're celebrating you, and we're flooding you with stars!!!