women stuff

just posted this on facebook
this morning –
wanted to share it here.

i’ll just cut and paste what i posted.

dr. kumar just let me know that she’s making short vids now and offering them over on her center’s facebook page. i haven’t had a chance to sit with them yet, but i watched the first minute of one and saw that they will be offered to help women learn self care, empowerment, and understanding what’s happening with their bodies! ha! that sounds wonderful! i think these are gonna make great tea breaks for me during my days. wanted to share with you. you can find them here – thank you dr. kumar!

while i haven’t seen them yet,
i am familiar with her work and other offerings,
and find her very helpful.

so thought i’d pass this along everywhere i could.

i don’t know if these particular ones are on youtube or not,
but i know she’s over there. i just popped in dr. rose kumar
and got a bunch. so you can look there as well.