who am i?

i have heard several people lately
say they don’t know who they are.

i think maybe most of us go thru facing that question.
seems like i’ve heard it from different ages,
so it’s not necessarily a mid life thing.
but definitely seems to surface then.

i think after i journeyed thru it the first time –
(and yes, i imagine the question will circle around again!)
what i came up with first round was a rearranging of the question.

i never really found a stand-still kinda answer.

my husband has been pointing out for years to me
that we’re all fluid. always changing.

and i think i kinda really get that now.
and like it.

i’m this one moment,
and that another.

any identities i come up with seem to only get me stuck in one place.

i have found that if i look at a the goals that seem to drive me,
i end up trying to be choices that get me closer to those goals.

maybe what we all are is an ever flowing glob of choices!

oooh! i have never looked at it that way before.

which really brings the quote of the day to mind right now –

“perhaps power is letting go of the grip of the past
and standing empty handed facing the future.”

we’re not the past.
we’re not the identities we cling to.
every single moment we are a blank canvas
waiting for which choice we are going to color ourselves with.

i think maybe so.
at least for this moment i think so.