what a mix…

there was so much this morning.
so much that happened well before noon!

there was my walk in the early hours.
the wind, the brief glance of the moon,
the clouds rolling in,
the scooting around and feeling the strength
inside me. the breathing in the glory of monday.

there was watchin’ the yard waste guys
find the cookies i left for them along with
a million branches in bins. talk about strength…
tossin’ those bins into the back of the truck with ease.

and then, my grabbing the empty bins, when they
had left, and filling them right back up under the sky
that was still dark, with morning just beginning to
even think about waking up. quiet around me,
as well as the holy.

just when i thought it couldn’t get any better,
a rainbow – double, in fact – was tossed in for
good measure. and so i had coffee with it and the
sunrise – going back and forth between windows
to catch the different shows.

keeping things quiet, i started my stretches.
and was reminded of how much i love the feeling
stretching gives me, and i realized the funk i had been
in about exercising had fallen away…
and i was excited once again.

‘funks, terri.’ i told myself, ‘you have to remember
they pass.’

cheerful chatter with my sons and then the grocery
store gang…

even the homeless guy in the parking lot was sparkling
because it was his birthday.
pronouncing the day with the same importance
as if he was eight.

i have been pondering what it’s all about.
my best friend advised me to just live.
live with all i had.

this morning i did that.
and yeah, while i still don’t have any answers in words,
this morning sure felt like what it was all about.
and it’s not even noon yet…