what a day!

it’s no secret –
i am in love with the moon!

and, i don’t know if this happens often –
but it being the first day of a new month –
and that month being one of my favorites –
and the full moon showing up to welcome it in –

well, i just about burst open – POP! – with joy!

i seriously did run to meet her!

it was dark.
i could only get a bit of a glance from my yard.

so i ran to the top of my street…
and shhh….
don’t tell on me….
it was quiet up there on the road that can get pretty busy –
but it was okay – it was empty!
and i ran up there and positioned myself just right
so i could really just look and soak her in.

this world is just amazing, isn’t it?
and that’s so easy to forget right now.
don’t get caught in the crud so much that you miss
the glory, okay? we gotta be careful of that.

i wandered back home,
and got myself set to take an early morning bike ride.
my sons pulled in with the truck
and before i could even say it,
they got out to load my bike up with huge smiles
and said ‘did you SEE the MOON?!’
we pulled out,
turned the corner,
and this incredible stretch of clouds was going
right thru the middle of the moon –
you couldn’t have made it any more beautiful if you tried!

and then, we biked the sun up.
and the most glorious world lit up in front of us.
there is no denying the season change now.
it’s everywhere.

it is glorious.
it is profound.
it is such a gift.

embracing it today with such gratitude –
and absolute joy!
happy october!