well isn’t this perfect.

i know.
i know.
she’s quoting mark nepo again.
forever mark nepo.

what can i say?

but this one hit so perfectly,
i couldn’t believe it.
and you know how it goes –
had to share it.

it’s from ‘things that join the sea and the sky.’

‘After a while, the piano parts my tiredness like a veil and I feel possible again. Now I don’t know whether to put my glasses on or keep them off, whether to bring things into focus or let them come apart. Either way, the sky is calling behind its clouds, like the stars of truth that burn behind our thoughts. Each time I get up and begin again, I’m a dark thing unfolding in a wash of light. I watch the others fall and rise around me.’

honestly, sometimes i think this guy is my brother.
i feel like he speaks my language.

this is perfect.