well gosh…

i gotta tell ya…
this is all weird to me.

i thought i would at least keep the blog.
but as i drove to the post office this morning,
i could just feel it inside of me –
let it go.


so, okay.
i am going to plan on finishing up here on friday.
go figure.
but i’m going to leave the blog itself up,
and i’m pretty sure the guys will want to post their
‘we’ve got the ship now!’ announcement here.
so keep your eyes out for that.

and i imagine there will be blog posts here and there.
once in awhile? i would guess?
so i don’t know, if you want to keep up with that,
maybe do a subscribe thing where it lets you know
that there’s a post? i don’t even know exactly how you
do that, but if you see that option, and you feel like it,
you can try that.

the nudge i’m getting is to really step away and
step into some quiet.

my understanding is that the guys will still be
sending out the quote of the day. if you don’t get
that and want to, you can sign up here –

as far as keeping in touch –
i’m out here.
will keep the same email.
don’t want to type it here because of spam stuff,
oh…. i can.
i just have to be cryptic about it. 🙂

soooo put it together –

terri at bone sigh arts dot com

there ya go.
i’m there if you want me.
i’m also over on mewe.
here’s the link to that.

(i feel incredibly positive about mewe
and am so grateful it exists.
if you have any reservations, i gotta tell ya,
facebook is really the place to be nervous about.
not mewe.)

this is just so odd.
i’ll be rambling for the next couple of days,
but i want to take a moment to thank you for
traveling with me here.
sometimes i wondered why i even bothered with this.
and then, every now and then, one of you would
encourage me without even realizing i needed it!

your presence has made a difference in my life.
i can’t even begin to express my gratitude.

what a journey we are gifted with.
raising my glass to you and our journeys!