weather, solstice and light

i am definitely a weather gal!
the weather affects my mood tremendously.
luckily, i enjoy most kinds of it.

the hot humid tho is something i’m workin on appreciating.
but today i got a relief from trying.
it is cool and breezy and totally the stuff that makes me feel
alive and rarin’ to go.

which is kinda nice as it’s solstice.
oddly enough, i haven’t ever paid much attention to this day.
possibly because it’s usually hot and humid??
well, for someone who thinks, writes and chatters a lot about light,
maybe it’s about darn time i got into really celebrating
and honoring this day!

light – it’s something so easy to talk about –
how we need more of it, how we want to offer it and be it,
how it is what breaks up darkness, how much it matters –
all that stuff…

but living it is so darn hard.
‘light’ and ‘love’ – they are interchangeable to me.
and i find them such a challenge.
it’s the getting beyond myself – the hurts, the perceived needs, the ego –
i can do it when i’m all alone! ha! that’s not so hard is it?
toss people into the picture, and well…yeah……..not so easy.

it’s a challenge i know i will be workin’ on for a lifetime.
and one i am so grateful for.

solstice, a day to honor light.
and a day to remember who and what it is i want to be.
no…a day to remember who and what it is i am!

celebrating it all and toasting you and your light as well!