we need a perk

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okay, i’m about covided out.
and well……
maybe worlded out.

i need to start changing things up a bit.
i just turned my office into a creative
mad woman’s room!

i’m not sure what will come out of it,
but there’s a lotta different projects happening.
and hopefully it will help with sanity around here.

work wise i decided to clean up my etsy shop.
that’s a pretty big job and will keep me busy for
a long time.

but! i am starting with a sale!
so thought i’d pass that along everywhere i could.
come on by and check it out.
check it all out!

and hopefully i’ll be adding stuff to it as
we go along here.

wishing everyone some sort of peace this weekend.

click herehttps://www.etsy.com/shop/bonesigharts