veteran’s day

the day has gotten away from me.
but not without a whole lotta thought!

been thinking since i woke up this morning.
but for now, i’ll just cut and paste my
facebook post here and hold this day with
as much honor as i can.


“sooo do we say ‘happy’ veteran’s day?
that’s just kinda weird.
so what do you say?
while i understand the graciousness of ‘thank you for your service’ – it seems like a day far beyond a thank you.
ohmygosh – it’s so huge – thinking of homelessness, and PTSD and suicide – and war and trenches and bombs and peace and freedom and bravery and strength, and humanity and men and women and wow…

no wonder we don’t have a good ‘phrase’ to honor the day.

so then i thought of my walk today.
as i walked, i thought of the tremendous divide in this country right now.
i thought of my own personal responsibility to make sure i don’t add to this division. which is way tricky to try to do.

……. and here it is veteran’s day.
how do you honor the day and all that has been sacrificed and injured for our freedom?
well, terri, maybe you honor the country and you help heal it.
maybe you begin by personal responsibility and honoring all view points the best you can. maybe you draw a line in the sand and say ‘enough.’ and you step into healing as best you can.

that was my thought this veteran’s day morning. so maybe instead of ‘happy’ veteran’s day – maybe my wish is an understanding that gets stronger today that we can be so much more, and we will be, and we will make our vets proud of us.

what better way to honor all that they’ve done?”