turning to delight today

i am feeling such gratitude today.

and i gotta say,
after weeks of despair about THE world,
it feels really really good to just turn to
MY world and hold it with delight.

we have a lotta exciting things happening here.
one of which is talk of relocating!
and maybe i just need some dreaming time right now,
but feels so darn good to just play with the idea of what
we might do.

so if you haven’t seen me shout about it,
i want to be sure to do that here –
i will be taking a week off to go do some wandering
and searching for possible relocations.

it comes right at a time when valentines get ordered!
so i want to try to nudge everyone to make their
orders early. after THIS friday, the shop is closed
for a week. so if you want valentines, now’s the time!

at this point we’re looking at tennessee/kentucky –
but who knows!
if you have any pointers, feel free to drop me a note!

here’s to grabbing our lives and making them
what we want them to be!