turning away from all that ‘stuff’
i’ve been goin’ on about,
and turning to new art!

we have two new pieces.
this one above is a ‘redo’ of one we had.
i get a kick outta how i view this one –
i always think of this one as the only bone sigh about me.
which makes me laugh out loud.
really, terri?!
well, let’s just say this is the only one that
i DELIBERATELY wrote about myself.

and the one below is one that feels like it’s time for.

they just came in yesterday.
and i gotta say,
i am really tickled with both of them!

so….while i’m talkin’ shop here –
bone sigh arts will be closed from february 1st to the 5th.
if you want any valentines –
or any of these lovely new prints –
you want to know that and order this coming week!

the flame inside her