too easy? look again…

i was having one of those imaginary conversations
in my head, and for me, those really usually just
happen when i think someone’s being a total twit.
and i just think of all the things i’d like to tell them.

and yeah, this was one of those times.

and after many attempts at trying to say to him what
i really wanted him to hear, i got all the way down to this –

“if that’s the answer you’re believing, then you really need
to think again. it’s just all so nice and tidy and leaves you
off the hook. seriously? give it another try.”

and i got to thinking about that.

and how that really goes for me too for my own answers.

if i’ve come up with something all neat and tidy that leaves
me off the hook, well then, seriously, i need to try again.

tidy doesn’t happen very often.
when it does, i think i should do a check in with myself.

thing is, this guy’s being a total twit. he won’t hear it,
even if i ever get the opportunity to say it.

but will i hear it when i need to?
that’s something that should be on mind even more, i believe.